Friday, October 16, 2009

wanted: something like this

this morning is grey & chilly. and we have no hot water...again. what i need? an instant cheer up.
so can i please attend something like this today? (the video is a few years old, so i clearly can't attend this particular moment).

for the record, i mean something with good crazy accordion-ish music and weird masks and modern dance and confetti. less with some of the sex-rolling. though, hey, to each her own. i can't help but feel happy watching this. so please, feel free to get with the happy also.

(for the record, i already have the emotio-sensitive-looking husband with wild hair. but he plays piano. hmm. maybe i'll convince him to branch out and we'll throw this party. obviously the other key ingredients are to have a fabulous couch and a large quantity of maps to use as wallpaper).


  1. OMG! so fun! And the lanterns look like your wedding~! xoxox

  2. That video was totally amazing! If you ever do try to throw a party like this, I (and my elephant nose) am in.

  3. hell yeah! the more elephants the merrier!


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