Monday, October 12, 2009

monday: making/statements

this week i will:
*stop making excuses & scan-then-post some polaroids from our trip
*see this cool band here (they are friends of lauren's from montreal)
*attend an art opening that i have been awaiting since our first week here. there will be taxidermy, tornadoes in lacquer cabinets, & hopefully a series of poems after
*ask you all to keep your fingers crossed for some possible good news that i don't know the outcome of yet (the fingers on both hands, please)
*find some young contemporary british poets. where are all of you?!
*do some more research into london etsy shops. afterall, i mean to be a better hand-made/craft correspondent
*think more deeply about some questions concerning poetry/poetics/theories of languages that have been clattering around in my brain.

but right now i want to shout a quick hello! to both the secret strangers and my other already-known readers. feel free to leave comments. i know you are out there--my google analytics say so. wink.

{image via maplesyruponly}


  1. Lurking reader here..
    Very difficult to type whilst keeping my fingers crossed. But sending you good luck thoughts too. Think I'll call shopping research from now on.

  2. thanks spare thoughts! and welcome!

  3. love the list, my lovely! so inspiring. also *i'm here, i'm here!* xo


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