Thursday, October 22, 2009

levitating your self

i'm working on a poem that ties together some of the ideas in my manuscript about the domestic surreal, portraiture, and flashpoints. in the past couple of days, this has involved a lot of research into various representations of levitation. this morning i came across johan lorbeer's amazing still-life-performance pieces (which are actually installations of himself). lorbeer is a street artist who has been making headlines in the past few years for his clever high-floating acts in art galleries as well as random public spaces. imagine seeing a levitating man in the tube station on your morning commute! genius! go see more pictures here.

(warning, don't scroll past the youtube clip if you don't want to know how lorbeer does what he does. i like to guess at the mechanism behind things that are beautiful because of their magical-impossible quality, but i hate actually knowing the answer. this is why, even though Z is a skilled magician, i never let him share his secrets!).

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