Wednesday, October 28, 2009

making violet & veruca jealous

speaking of chewy things, this past weekend we adventured down columbia road (where there is a famous flower market on sundays) to visit an old-fashioned candy store. Z & i are both sugar-teeth, so this trip had been planned for a bit (suck & chew is only open on weekends, and for rather short hours). they're slogan is fabulous and what they sell would make willy wonka proud. the shop is full out fifties-style-vintage with glass jars of sweets on shelves stacked to the ceiling, old comic-books, and fading paper valentines.

we came away (after an adorable incident involving a small girl working there offering us all our candy for one pound--the handlebar-hipster-dad apologized and explained that was her discount) with: baby-pink marshmallow shrimps, chewy cherry lips, rhubarb-creme striped hard candies, one chocolate moth, and two pins with circus-style letterblocked initials on them. delicious.


  1. What an awesome assortment! The rhubarb creme striped ones sound particularly mouth watering-- yum yum!

  2. I really like the idea of marshmallow shrimps.


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