Saturday, October 3, 2009

how the curtains curtain us

i promise i am not avoiding posting about paris--i am just being slow slow slow to scan the magnificence of the polaroids we took. i have already been a total snail about cropping the spectra-photobooth pictures from our wedding (it's hard to believe it's been over two months!).

a tiny hm preview:

Z & i couldn't find affordable curtains, so we bought some sweet-cheap fabric from ikea and had a local drycleaner/tailor shop hem the edges to make us simple ones (for almost nothing!). we then used an elaborate system of safety pins for hanging them on the provided curtain hooks in our flat (i've never seen anything so non-functional as these british "hooks").

here i am curtain-hidden in a dress (which Z dubbed the gamine) that i bought for our honeymoon. this is before we left. so yeah. i'm still cheating a bit on the posting. but only a little.
more soon.

and: if anyone needed proof of my always-love for polaroids--nicci (my older sister) and me as babyfaces. i am clearly up in arms over polaroids! it looks so giant in my hand.

p.s. how meta is this?!


  1. cryptic camouflage and baby emulsions. adorable.

  2. OMG,it looks like you are doing a very diva, very fabulous dance pose with that polaroid. love it and its metafabulosity!


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