Tuesday, October 27, 2009

(re)using your caffeinated tendencies

i love the post here about recycling burlap coffee bags into home decor (even if i am not able to do any real decorating, i still can't help myself from browsing the design ideas). the textures of these pieces are earthy--a description i never thought i'd like--but the feeling of them in a room is the perfect mix of raw, vintage modern, & non-fussy. be sure to check out poppytalk for some other great burlapping ideas.

since keys are important to Z & i, we were psyched about the above etsy pillows. but these are pretty kicking also (though way pricey--along with, ahem, a few of the other pieces). in the end, what i dig about the re-use idea here is that with some research and direction, burlap-as-re-upholstery is something you could actually DIY. (hey, if Z and i can recover two 1950s chairs without previous furniture expertise, i think it's worth a shot!).

{images via littlefrenchgardenhouse, canadian house & home/jackandtill via poppytalk, & country living}

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