Friday, October 30, 2009

making waves

under their covers, these books contain the same intricate tapestry of sentences. and woolf, well, she's a maven of true heavy-weight-word proportion. so i honestly wouldn't care if there was a star-nosed-mole on the dust jacket. but oh, these vintage classic covers fill me to the brim. the entire set is worth framing (go check out the rest here--sadly, i was only able to post ones i could find larger images of elsewhere). i wish i could purchase them en masse. i admit, the hardest part of being so broke is not buying books. that said, i also heart the whole system of lending & libraries (especially when i imagine who borrowed the book last! sometimes i pipedream ways of contacting them so we can have a good chat).

england has really done wonders to outfit the classics in brilliant (and hip) ways. the anthropologie here is even carrying the new heirloom-worthy penguin clothbound editions (is this true outside of london?!). but seriously, come on stateside publishers--at least make the move to publish some poetry with the same achingly-cool matte covers as you offer the fictioneers! i mean seriously.

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