Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Z & i are finally into our new place.* the boxes still fully packed, stacked in corners & along the foot of our bare bed, our furniture scattered like statues. but we are here! having grown up in a small town outside of this city, i am excited to be spending a year right in the jam of things. upstate new york (& i mean actual upstate) never ceases to knock the wind out of me with its arms full of forests & farms & the kind of hills which unspool themselves so slowly it doesn't kill you to own a standard car (ithaca might seriously have eaten a clutch or two). from our rooftop it's miles of houses tucked into trees, sprawling brick buildings, & a few skyscrapers standing shyly out of the forest. hard not to dig a cityscape which is equally industrial & green. my favorite part: we are living just a few houses away from where my mother lived in 1972! the next few days are all about finding out what's inside our mountain of boxes--the thrill of uncovering old stuff along with all the fun wedding gifts we received & had to pack up immediately. whoopie! wish us luck unfolding our lives back into some sort of order.

*i am finding that blogging was much easier when i had a routine of when i wrote & where. i'm sure life will get back to normal soon enough.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

summering feet

this past week has been a blur of apartment hunting, job applications, & niece watching. all things which feel like amazing headway toward settling in for our next year. but, considering i arrived in the states wearing a mac, a scarf, leggings, & boots, i was wholly unprepared for the 90-degree summering of new york. ouch. first things first: find sandals fast (i can't do flip flops since i drive a standard). i have to admit, despite my serious skepticism of gladiators, this pair turned out to be affordable perfection. i'm converted. they're so comfortable & sexy (& killer when rocked with this shade), that i'm thinking i might just need them in black.

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