Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Z & i are finally into our new place.* the boxes still fully packed, stacked in corners & along the foot of our bare bed, our furniture scattered like statues. but we are here! having grown up in a small town outside of this city, i am excited to be spending a year right in the jam of things. upstate new york (& i mean actual upstate) never ceases to knock the wind out of me with its arms full of forests & farms & the kind of hills which unspool themselves so slowly it doesn't kill you to own a standard car (ithaca might seriously have eaten a clutch or two). from our rooftop it's miles of houses tucked into trees, sprawling brick buildings, & a few skyscrapers standing shyly out of the forest. hard not to dig a cityscape which is equally industrial & green. my favorite part: we are living just a few houses away from where my mother lived in 1972! the next few days are all about finding out what's inside our mountain of boxes--the thrill of uncovering old stuff along with all the fun wedding gifts we received & had to pack up immediately. whoopie! wish us luck unfolding our lives back into some sort of order.

*i am finding that blogging was much easier when i had a routine of when i wrote & where. i'm sure life will get back to normal soon enough.


  1. Happy unpacking your wedding gifts. Ours are in storage and I long for the day, hopefully soon when we unpack them and use them.

  2. darling, I've missed you. But then again, looking at my blog, I've missed me too.

  3. Which reminds me - PLEASE send me your new address - I've been accumulating little things to send to you and just plain (shamefully) haven't yet.

    And thanks for the good wishes. How is your own move going?

  4. Ooh, very exciting! My address has changed. Email me - jmillershaw(at)gmail(dot)com - and we'll exchange info.


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