Monday, July 5, 2010

so hot i could

it's not that i don't miss blogging. i really do. it's just that it's too darn hot. for anything. except maybe beachballs & bathingsuits & stripes. and even then. really?!

(there's nothing quite like northeastern heat denial & our almost complete lack of air conditioning. wandering around grocery stores can only happen so many times a day).

{image via prettyprettypaper via here}


  1. I'm the same. I want nothing more than to escape to the outside when it's hot. and although it isn't hot at all here, I'm soaking up the sun every single moment I can.

  2. It's hot here too, and I work outside half the day. I haven't been so sweaty in my LIFE.

    By the way, I'm very glad that I found your pictures, blogged them, you found me, and then I found you. I love your little blog!

  3. i am glad we found eachother too A&A. i can thank sera for that!


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