Thursday, July 8, 2010

music for cooling off

i have been listening to this song on repeat all week.* it's the musical equivalent of pressing your face against the refrigerator door in the middle of the night. or lying on bathroom tiles to cool off. the kind of song that makes you feel a little less 100-degrees-in-july-without-airconditioning. (& speaking of airconditioning, i may have just traded some niece-babysitting for an airconditioned car in which to travel to my job interview today. desperate measures. desperate measures).

*this isn't the actual video, it's just the least scary fan video.


  1. All right, I've listened to it three times already. I'm at work so I just have the window open and I keep clicking replay. And it's finally hot enough here to appreciate a cool drink of water like this one.

  2. I'm going to listen to their album on repeat. I think it'll make my day a much better one when I'm dripping sweat harnessed up in the trees all day long in this hot humid crazy place. Thank you for new music, I needed some.


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