Saturday, July 17, 2010


tomorrow marks one year of marriage. & what a wild-ride-of-a-year it was. i would be lying if i said it was easy--to get hitched, move out, fly across an ocean, flat hunt & find, settle in, work like crazy, & move out again in under twelve months. in fact, Z & i struggled quite a bit this first year--being off away from our family & friends, in a new country, in a matchbox flat. in the end, the lonelinesses were helped by the adventurings. the fights by the figuring things out. & we met some incredible poets & bloggers (in person) . but we both feel ready for a year with less boxes & airplanes & adjustments. since we're a little traveled out, we decided to keep our anniversary easy. tomorrow we're amtraking up to the canadian side of niagara falls (it's under two hours from here). we plan to head to one of those amazing 24-hour chapels to relope, & then off to bad wax museums, ripleys & ferris wheels before we return tuesday. what better way to ring in a new, more grounded year with my canadian husband than the cheesiest place in canada?! (i may have even got myself a sweet little key dress for the occasion).

p.s. did i mention that Z's been off teaching at a princeton summer program. & we haven't seen in each other in three & a half weeks?! hell yes to anniversary reunions.


  1. Congratulations (again)! What an incredible year you've had. Enjoy Canadian Niagara (all I can picture is tons of refreshing spray - heat is on the brain), wax celebs and ferris wheels.

  2. happy anniversary!! and reloping! what a lovely way to spend it. You're right, you did need a new little key something to celebrate! have fun!

  3. Happy anniversary my lovelies. Hope that you have a wonderful trip. So glad that you came to England. I have been missing you both x

  4. Happy anniversary! It sounds like an amazing trip, how romantic. Reloping, I love it! Glad you finally received your pictures also, I can't wait to see more of them!


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