Wednesday, November 11, 2009

resting in a nest of locks

when we were adventuring in the victoria & albert museum this week there was a staggering exhibit on iron--from grates and intricate chandelier-rods to ginormous door locks and coffers. it was marvelous (too bad my camera was not with me, so we'll have to head back). my favorite section was the keys--the delicate durabilty, the heavy smallness, the sheer complexity. i couldn't believe the artistry. even the locksmiths signs were magnificent puzzles! i am hoping to get my hands on a good book of the history and guild of key-making. the vocabulary alone is all poetry.

since keys are an important symbol to Z & i--and much of our wedding designs spun off from the key concept (our wedding invitations borrowed elements from the stars poster with the two keys, here)--i've been thinking i would love a little key-ish related piece of jewelry. i'm on the hunt. so far, i found these two kick-ass necklaces. i love the the first for its wonky coolness and the second for its charm (the latter is probably a bit more everyday wearable). the problem with key jewelry is trying to mostly steer clear of the key-to-my-love cliche (especially since the key idea for us is more houdini with a side of heart).

{images via refinery29 and ball&chain}


  1. love these-- also, i think of you even though you would cringe, every time i see the tiffany key ads, which are everwhere you turn in nyc. have you seen them? they're rather lovely, if a bit on the mainstream generic side.

  2. These are cool, I especially like the first one, haven't seen a key necklace like that before.


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