Wednesday, November 25, 2009

folding the fall into roses

this will be my first thanksgiving away from family. and part of me is grateful that i've made it this many years without being too far to travel back home. but the rest of me is feeling dreadful about missing out on the inaugural thanksgiving at N2's (my sister and hubs) new house, and all the raucous game-playing, food-eating, and general merriment that is sure to be had. even though my pop(rock) set up wireless skype for tomorrow--i wonder if it will just make me more jealous. hey! pass me some stuffing! so instead of endless dwelling on my food-family-sadness, i am dreaming up creative tablescapes. these origami maple leaf roses would be perfect natural centerpieces, don't you think? chuck in some (clean) feathers and you'd have a table topped with the bright & unexpected. check out the rose folding instructions here. maybe tomorrow afternoon i'll take a long turkeyed-up nap as my celebration.

(notice how i skipped over this holiday in my previous post? that's because with no t-day here, it's already all twinkling christmas lights and sugar-y carols in london!)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Little Tomatoe!!!!! We are looking forward to skyping with you and Z tommorrow!!! No sadness, and no beautiful table decorations, only crappy target tableclothes and miss matched fiesta ware... We will have real Thanksgiving December 19th! A new holiday!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Coffee tomorrow? Can make it around lunchtime?


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