Friday, November 6, 2009

elegant phoning

i love the tides of technology, the pressing forward and backward of ideas. how first we invent things, make them, then bask in the made-ness of our wondrous ideas (like contraptions which can call across cities--hello!). then we make newer versions, small/er versions, versions so small that we lose them/drop them/let them disappear. then slowly, we trace our way back through to initial inspiration, to a previous (and often larger) design concept. sometimes, we even turn to the person behind the eureka--we put the kite back into the lightning storm and watch. then we re-turn to the blackboard to write different formulas and make combinations of old-new things new. we "re-invent", we revel, we have a drink to celebrate the almost-inside-joke of our retro-fittings. we sell them to our parents. we act like we are from a different era. we feel cool.

so now, amidst the shrinky-dinking of cell phones and the nanotechnologies slated to make cellphone chips which fit on our faces, we have...the hulger rotary-receivered cellphone. for real, my mom would be thrilled with this. and i think it's rather amazing. but what i want to know is, who wants to carry a honking receiver around in their handbag or briefcase?! don't get me wrong--i would seriously love to pull that bright mouthpiece out and start using it on the sidewalks of london, or to see a business man whip one out and say, hold on, i've got to take this one. but i refuse to give up carrying around books so i can have a nice chat. maybe these are for home use only.

in any case--they are part of the marvelous and ridiculous. just the way i love my technology.

{via greenergrassdesign}


  1. hi. i love your description of what we do. nicolas from hulger

  2. thanks :) and wow, i feel honored you read it!

  3. :)

    I want one of those! where did you get it?


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