Thursday, November 19, 2009

pirated hearts!

last night we saw coeur de pirate at the luminaire. it was fantastic and small and the sound was clear and pianoed. it was romantic and it cheered us up after a gloomy wednesday. i first heard coeur de pirate on myspace and since a full album wasn't out yet, i would leave the page open and listen on repeat. then, last march, a blogging father posted a time-lapse video of his son playing in the dining room and he chose the song ensemble for the soundtrack. and it just happened to be viewed over 800,000 on youtube (do you remember when this clip was all the rage?!). this chance event launched béatrice martin far outside the ears of montreal. so far out that last night she was in london singing her sweet and sad and cheeky tunes. and it was phenomenal. her album is the perfect background for writing. or wistful-ing. or cooking. or pretty much anything.

and when we got home, after months of waiting, i found out that i won a small grant for traveling and writing!!


  1. Oops. That comment was from yours truly...
    M-I-L not M-i-i
    Sorry dear C


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