Sunday, November 8, 2009

a lighthouse, a visit

above is the lighthouse at peggy's cove in nova scotia--a province so surreal in its frozen stretches of snow-ocean-sky-scape that i never quite believe the bright photographs we've taken when we look back through them. you can't see the cold, but it was so biting the day we took this we were only allowed outside for five minutes at a time before Z's dad would bundle us back into the the little cove-side restaurant. we ate the most mouth-watering clamchowder and fresh baguettes of my life. i was so star-filled and warm, i swear i could have walked across the lighthouse's thin searching beam, into that cutting water for a swim, and been fine.

the point of all this canada talk? Z's parents are flying in this afternoon! and his sister will be joining us from rome on wednesday! we haven't seen any of them since the wedding--and it will be such a relief to hang out in a less stressed and super-charged environment. we can't wait to traipse around the city, have a bit of a ruckus, and just generally catch-up. welcome to london!

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