Tuesday, November 24, 2009

saving your skull in style

in college i rode my mother's 1970s avacado racing bike everywhere. to classes. to work. to the middle of nowhere. to pedal off my stress. & i hate to admit that i never wore a helmet. (it is a small town and pretty much car-less). now, living in a city, i'm floored by the lack of helmeted heads. i mean, absolutely no one here wears a helmet! this in a city where they warn you that cyclists are more dangerous than drivers. (Z was hit by an oncoming bicycle the first month here. it did not go well). so why aren't there more sexy-cool helmets to help people get over their childhood feelings of geekdom and protect their heads? ruby's polkadot one is for motorcycling, but why not rock out its sleek retro design on your bike?! the furry luzern is straight-up doctor zhivago chic. and there's this one for the more everyday wear (heck you could add polkadots to spruce it up). in any case, there's some pretty good options.

this intriguing new book (on my research wishlist) talks about how the skull used to be so revered that people would steal famous ones for ransom! so why not protect yours?

{via oh joy! & yakkay}

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