Thursday, November 5, 2009

gun powder plots revised

happy 5th of november! tonight we have been invited to a truly british shindig--a back garden bonfire in honor of guy fawkes, hosted by the ever-lovely rachel and her husband. there will be fireworks, smores, and mulled wine. there will be the goodness of getting out of the flat and into the world again. besides, who wouldn't welcome a celebration of un-ignited gunpowder with ignited gunpowder? i admit serious excitement.

a little side note: for some reason, i have always been rather taken by stereogram cards (see fawkes one above)--i love their postcard-like quality, their random people and places. i had never realized (what's wrong with me?!) that there was a viewer to see the cards through--two lenses which render the not-quite-the-same pictures into one three-dimensional image. when i first met Z, he was stoked to find all my stereograms propped on shelf. it turns out that when he was little, he was gifted a beautiful old stereoscope by his parents. just another of the odd but exact ways that we are a perfect & strange match.

{image via mobmov}

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