Tuesday, November 10, 2009

antique apartments

my sister used to poke fun at me (in good humor) that walking into my apartment was like walking into a crazy little antique store--various vintage things and strange tsotchkes could be found precariously stacked on shelves, desk-space, tables. so when Z & i moved in together we invested in a beautiful cabinet to put all our combined curiosities in (Z, like me, is a collector of oddities).

i love walking into someone's place and seeing beautifully curated little nooks and spaces--filled with objects of importance or interest to their specific lives. the house tour here is incredible (though dolls creep me out--i find them scarier than clowns). the house belongs to sophie blackall, whose missed connection drawings i posted on a few weeks ago. her space reminds me of the flea markets in paris--where seemingly random antique objects are juxtaposed in a single stall--though obviously, she has a super clear vision. what a great idea to have specimen-like casing in a bathroom. (and don't you love the camilla engman painting and the little oh my cavalier fox drawing in the second shot?).

{via designsponge}

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