Monday, November 23, 2009

small batches of celebration

last night we took time away from our mad dash towards work deadlines and conference prep for a bit of celebration (afterall, i've been awaiting news on the grant since i applied in june!). this locally owned pub is two minutes from our flat, has a current special for delicious buy-one-get-one-on-the-house stonebaked pizzas, and an incredible alcohol selection. we took Z's parentals there when they were visiting for a game of scrabble (how rocktastic to go to a pub where they provide boardgames!) and we also took L for some good old-fashion, mid-afternoon, debauchery. it's the perfect quiet and dark setting for drinks and discussing what one should and/or shouldn't do with his/her lives. and last night we figured, why not let someone else cook so we can enjoy time we would usually use prepping and chopping for relaxing a bit? so we lounged like philiterati on the covetable vintage gentleman's couches and drank small-batch bourbon and beers (me on the bourbon, Z on the beer). we chatted poetics and plans and ideas for our futures. we ate and ate and ate. and then we came home and went back to the grind. which is where you will find us again (separately) this morning: heads down, work thoughts slow-rising off us like smoke.

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