Friday, November 13, 2009

living in books

breakfast at tiffany's is one of my favorite novellas. and while the film & ms. audrey h. have slamming style, the book and the film are not even the same species--as in, they don't quite communicate the same narrative. (if you haven't read the book--go go go! but be prepared that it's rather sad). as a writer, i'm obsessed with descriptions of experiences, people, places, and of the ways that the real and fictionalized are living. inspired by an old guardian article where they dressed an actress up in outfits described in some classics, i've been thinking of doing a series of "living in" posts which would deal with style inspired by books--like living in capote's breakfast at tiffany's. while this concept might already be happening through the film media, i'm interested in talking about literature and design coming together. what do you think?!

{images via the guardian & citified}

1 comment:

  1. I like. Especially if it means I have a reason to get a Cat & have a flat like Holly's.


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