Friday, November 20, 2009

big news & traveling by tram

it's now official (as in we have tickets) so i can stop being a secret keeper. in two weeks we will be flying to lisbon! Z was invited to present a paper at a fancy conference (dealing with language and sentences and context). rock on! and i will be accompanying him on the adventure.

i'm both thrilled and terrifed. Z will be fully busy at least two days of the trip--meaning i will be out exploring and experiencing the city alone. and in case you hadn't guessed, i don't speak a lick of the language. but i'm filled up with fizz and light at the possibilities of things to do (like tramming around the city). i've been researching options and getting butterflies. sometimes it's good to be nervous, to get a heart-jumping start. does anyone have suggestions of things to do? to see? anyone know someone who has traveled to lisbon?! it's hard to believe a year ago i hadn't been anywhere farther than canada. and now, i will have seen parts of portugal, france and britain all before heading back to the states for the holidays. just the thought of more travel makes my veins sing.

{image via optical illusion}

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