Friday, November 20, 2009

trying it on for size: round-up!

::a fun tune to get you moving this friday.

:: a real life amelie-esque moment

::everyone could use some vintage-style laughs

::fall 2009 collection from last season's winner

::the perfect new year's headbands

::tiny envelopes are key

::a sunny (though expensive) way to write

::sweet cuffs

::this year, maybe being bad isn't such a bad idea

::faber commissioned some rocktastic jackets for poets, which are now in stores (i bought one when we moved to london, and it was accidentally pasted in backwards!)

::simplicity & luck make for beautiful jewelry

::sweetness + butcher's twine = the perfect hostess gift
(though graham crackers are hard to find in england!)

::apparently, antlers are all the rage at the moment (shed ones, that is). this kick-ass chandelier is in one of our favorite pubs, but i'd love it in my future home.

{image via m4r00n3d's & it'smaryruffle}

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