Thursday, October 1, 2009

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while browsing in magma a few days ago, i found a beautiful solution to a huge problem of mine. i'm one of those people that needs a visual calendar to keep track of deadlines, book contests, and general life-related things (job huntings, phone numbers, grocery lists) and i've had an awful time of it here without one.

the layout of this planner is rocktastic because there are no set dates written in (and there are separate sections of full-months and individual weeks)--i can start whenever i want, skip a month here or there, and not waste any pages. it's also perfect for someone like me, who is usually looking for a planner near the end of one year and not close enough to the next to wait around. while doing some research on the kicking company that created the planners, o-check design graphics, i found out that anthropologie seems to have snapped up the whole lot of kraft-colored ones as part of their new fall stationery line (i like the grey ones better). anthropologie, you should hire me as a buyer. for real. (for the record: anthros prices for this planner are sky-rocketed compared to buying direct from o-check or other retailers).

i also spent quite a bit of time in the magma store drooling in the pages of their ridiculous/ glossy/amazing typography books. dear garamond typeset, i would like to marry you. if you feel the same, please check yes.
if i were ever to get a tattoo, it would be the italicized garamond ampersand.

look for some killer pics from the geffrye museum later today (or tomorrow if i get behind on sending out to journals!)

{images via o-check & anthropologie}

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