Sunday, October 18, 2009

sunday brunch & extra side-plates

i woke up to two letters this morning from close friends detailing some news/stories they would have shared at our usual sunday brunch if were we in ithaca. these ladies happen to be rocktastic writers and also happen to have given the kind of incredible toasts at are our wedding that you fold and pocket-up as part of yourself, for a lifetime. i more-than-wish i was brunching with them right now, though at least one of them is most certainly fast asleep. (my sleep was filled with wasps/bees).

in the meantime, i am dream-drooling over french toast (eggs florentine, scrambled, for them), mimosas/bloody mary's/orange juice, gossip, shop-talk, and general catch-up on our lost weeks (ahem, eons). ladies, you are millions of miles from here (and from each other). but i'm raising my hot-cocoa to you this morning. and the f-ing amazing french toast we aren't having.

{images via myvintagevogue & bowhaus}

p.s. maple syrup is hard to find here. seriously. Z is apparently bringing home something called golden syrup. we'll see. but that sounds like it means something else to me. and yes, i am very lucky that my man offered a condolence brunch because he can see i'm a bit more than sad.


  1. Marks & Spencer's make maple syrup which I use for pancakes. Also, Harvey Nicks has a good American section, as does a deli between Belsize Park and Hampstead, if that helps.

    I work in a vintage shop on Sundays which is next to a bakery. If tea and cupcakes would fill the void you are most welcome to come into the shop and have a chat!


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  3. rachel, you are a lifesaver! i just sent you a quick email note!

  4. Awww, *tear*. Best. Blog-post. Ever! (And of course I was, in fact, fast asleep). xoxox


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