Friday, October 16, 2009

anthro revelations

those of you who know me, know i love anthropologie's window displays (though i'm pretty sure everyone does). as Z & i crafted our wedding, we tried to use anthro's inventiveness as a standard for our paper/craft aesthetics. the point? keep it classy but also innovative & unexpected. or, as my friend doug would say, surprise and delight your audience (he's a fiction writer). in the end, we used a lot of coffee filters and old books and it turned out incredible (or at least we think, we're still waiting for our photos!).

but our wedding is not the purpose for this post. instead, see the above display for a recent anthro window in chicago (yes, i save pics of displays i find). it's clearly using some of the same aesthetics as the beirut video i posted earlier. same paper-plastered walls, but with a twist: the maps are in the form of globes. maybe i'm crazy. but it would be cool to think they are getting their inspiration via beautiful-wild videos.

{image via blackeiffel}

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