Wednesday, October 7, 2009

six chorus girls to sing me a song: zoetrope blues

mixing fashion, a victorian film-art, and a circus theme? yes. i am on board with the concepts behind alice temperley's spring/summer 2010 collection. but more importantly--i wish i had seen, in person, the twelve-foot-tall zoetrope built to showcase her line. (hard to complain that we were in paris during london fashion week). the term zoetrope comes from the greek zoe meaning life and trope meaning turn. esssentially: living wheel.

Temperley London Circus Zoetrope from LEGS on Vimeo.

what really makes this video slamming? cab calloway's "st. james infirmary" with its 30s-styling piano and creep--a swoon-worthy tune which i have been playing on repeat.
though the standard was made famous by louis armstrong's 1928 recording, even the white stripes' version isn't too shabby.

{via vogue uk & vimeo}

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