Tuesday, October 13, 2009

speaking of

speaking of weddings, can someone please snap up this beautiful 60s dress from dear golden vintage?! it would be perfect for cityhall or for someone going for the two-dress wedding (one long for the ceremony and one shorter dance-til-you-drop-dress). what an amazing dress for a boogie-down. it's a bit sweet, but played up with some edgier shoes? killer. for the wild bride not wearing white (yes, it is sadly still wild to wear a different color) this could even be a bridesmaid affair. but let's face it--i'd like to wear this to the supermarket. or anywhere.

and no, it's not that i am thinking of weddings specifically today--it's that i have a vintage dress problem. read: addiction. and i'm not buying any. for real.

{image via dear golden vintage}

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