Thursday, October 29, 2009

here a cowl, there a cowl, everywhere a

the weather is getting chilly here, and these cowls from yarnovermovement are just the thing i need. yes please! for the record, i could also use a hot little cropped jacket. i found the perfect one at H&M a few weeks ago and dragged myself (& Z) to about a hundred of them around the city looking for the right size. i never found it.

for those of you who are wondering--the movie last night was hilarious and not scary at all! union chapel was a showstopping space and the movie-set-effects were fantastic. overall, it was a cheap (free) and super-silly date night. seen as how it was my turn to plan, i thought i did quite well. i mean, it might not be the circus, but...

{yarnovermovement via lake jane}


  1. ooh i am on the lookout for the perfect scarf cowl thing. that white one just about fits the bill! also, i saw american werewolf in london recently and got sort of scared! haha what can i say, i am a pussycat.

  2. I want a cowl, I NEED a cowl. I also need to not be spending money so it seems that what I really need is to learn to knit.

  3. oh, i can't spend money either and i'm all thumbs with knitting. though, i did some searching earlier this week and found a few patterns for cowls on etsy. here's a simple-ish looking one:

    i think i may have convinced my husband to try making some for the holidays. we'll see :)


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