Thursday, October 29, 2009

halloween alternatives, or married clowns

even though the british don't really do halloween, i'm still daydreaming of costumes and cobwebbed parties. since we aren't going to do anything elaborate (it being just us) i am scouting around london for an old-school photobooth and plan to surprise Z with a mini-outing. i'll make us some masks and we can go take silly pictures saturday, a la amelie. we used to do this for fun in ithaca--just grab some ridiculous items and head to the mall or downtown (both of which miraculously had a photobooths). i think it will cheer Z immensely to be making faces in a squashed booth. just like old times. (though i hope i can find a real one, not just a digital).

(for the record: we are not flicking off the camera. these are the first post-wed photobooth shots--naturally we are psyched to be showing off the rings).

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