Sunday, October 25, 2009

cupcakes & yeats: a weekend in pictures

this afternoon was filled up with bright stuff--meeting a new friend, spooning-out chocolate orange cupcakes, and leaf-kicking along regent's canal. it was such a relief to meet someone in london, to talk about random things, and have a few future events to look forward to. while Z & i are still thrilled (& thrillered) to be married & living in a new country, it's been a bit lonely at moments. here's to new adventures (and to an invitation to a british-style guy fawkes party next week!).

this weekend we also: walked through regent's park, went to an old-fashioned candy store on columbia road, explored the first london anthropologie, wandered the national portrait gallery, drank screaming hudsons at a local speakeasy pub, and visited the once-flats of yeats and plath. i cannot tell you the rush to be in the streets below where such language was living (and yes, i mean the words themselves). while some of plath's best works were written in yeats' blue-plaqued-flat, hers actually resides around the corner from fitzroy road in chalcot sqaure. even though it's a bit author-tourtisty and silly, it was momentous for me to be in the same spaces as these two poets, seeing the streets and buildings and people. to know what life is like, in this city. and to be writing. writing. writing.

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