Friday, October 23, 2009

chocolate dresses

yesterday, after long hours of grueling over a piece that just wouldn't seem to settle itself into the right form, Z whisked me along the canal (just before dark) to a fancy chocolatier in islington. paul a. young is tucked away on an amazing little backstreet known as camden passage (also filled with fancy thrift stores, an incredible mexican restaurant, books, and everything we wanted for our wedding that was virtually impossible to find in ithaca). though young's shop is a bit of a matchbox, his delectables have won loads of awards from the academy of chocolate (um, anyone thinking cocoa dresses) and is filled with an array of small tongue-wonders. everything looked ridiculous & delicate & a few of the confections even had glitter in their centers! (when i asked if i could snap a few photos, the lady said sure, just no close-ups). we were disciplined and only came away with a tiny package of three dark chocolate-coated marzipans, complete with swirl-tops on the chocolate itself, and lovely purple ribbons to tie off the ends.

(see those chairs in front of the shop? they're for swooning in)

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