Wednesday, February 3, 2010

camden passage & small stiches

this afternoon, while meeting up with Z to deal with getting a vintage dress (from ithaca) finally tailored, we snuck into camden passage in islington. the stores in this narrow set of alleyways are wondrous--well-stocked with items we had to scour around for everywhere as we put together our wedding. and wednesdays, oh, on wednesdays it's a dreamboat--the streets outside the shops are lined with small stalls brimming with strange goods & antiques: everything from valentine ephemera to letterpress letters to teapots. today we were looking for pocket squares & vintage handkerchiefs. you see, Z just might have seen my post about embroidery & brought home a sneaky present. (for the record, jenny hart makes me take back everything i said--her instructions are phenomenal & i highly recommend, even for something as important as a wedding gift!). i came home from camden with a few beauties--some with stitches to study, some blank for stitching myself, and some to test out edging designs. and all of it, for a song. clearly i am turning into a hipster old lady.

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  1. I have a swell little snack of lovelies like this in my knickers drawer. They are the wonderfullest for carrying about and handing to the occasional weepful child.


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