Tuesday, February 2, 2010

one line a day, or on remembering

last year at this time i was: newly engaged, teaching & grading & trekking up & down the ridiculous cold hills of ithaca, becoming an aunt, & feeling rather settled in. since then i got hitched, moved completely out of the states, traveled to some staggering places, & have come closer to a major moment in my career. the only sad part? it feels like light-speed: in a few blinks we'll be wrinkled & retired. because i spend a lot of time writing for work, i often forget to take a few minutes to record even a brief flash of what i am seeing on a day-to-day basis. this little notebook would be the perfect (unstressful) way to dash down a few words, to catch the light as it slips through the window. i love that it is setup so that as you are writing your one line, you are able to re-read the previous year's above it. genius!

{via chroniclebooks, customer service said the book will be back in stock soon!}

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