Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bicycles built for two-timing

for the record, it's not a bad idea to invest in vintage/antique furnitures while living in a teeny town of gorges & greenery (& buckets of snow). if you've got patience & a good eye, prices can be unbeatable. but here's a funny story involving our favorite antique place in ithaca and a rather big blog: there was once a sensational bicycle built-for-two in our ithaca antiquery and Z & i wanted it very much. we wandered around the store a hundred times, kept glancing at it coyly, scheming how we could bend our budget to buy it. but we were good. we left without purchasing, thinking we'd think a bit before taking the plunge (food or bicycles is never a good debate). in other words--we hemmed. and when we returned? it was gone. the antique mall had helped a couple dismantle it into a compact car to take to nyc. we were heartache-y, but this is sometimes for the best when your pennies can't really come out of the jar just yet, even if it is the most amazing bicycle and it looks just like the rusted-dysfunctional one that you had as a child.

then, a few weeks later, we saw a too-similar bike up over here--a couple was riding it around joanna goddard's neighborhood & she left them a note. wouldn't you know--they said it came from an antique mall in ithaca! oh, how painful to see it again being ridden by hot new yorkers!! but also quite small-world funny. in the end, as you can see, we found a mint-condition green schwinn which Z's parents gifted us as a wedding present. we road that puppy around the winding streets of ithaca like champs (& then completely forgot to bring it to our wedding--we had loved the idea of our guests riding around the park). this afternoon, amidst the first sunshine in days, i am daydreaming of our built-for-two awaiting us at home & being glad i haven't seen anyone attempting one on the traffic-ed streets of london!

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