Sunday, February 7, 2010

london sundays, stillness

this morning the clouds are stitched over the city-sky in a sheet. it already looks like evening and the day has just started! Z is off at columbia road flower market (if in london on a sunday, go!) while i work on an important deadline (feel free to cross your fingers). i'm a bit jealous--we've made a ritual of going every week to grab some flowers to spring-ify the flat & i know i'm missing out on: color-pops, criss-cross yells of two for a fiver! any two flowers for a fiver!, delicious pain au chocolat, the round smell of dirt, the rush of a small crowd, the lure of spools & fabrics & french buttons. on the other hand--the flat is fizzing, like radio static, in a type of morning stillness which i also love. and finishing life-important deadlines? pretty sweet.

{shots from last weekend's market}

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