Friday, February 5, 2010

stripes & the seaside

i've only been to the ocean a handful of times in my life. so before we leave england, i plan to be beside the seaside as many times as we can (not yet, it's a little cold!). in honor of this, i'd thought i'd post a few seaside-inspired items (stripes, for me, are synonymous with sailoring):

a simple, nautical dress.

a little brass & copper so you can bring the sea with you.

sweet sheets to curl up in.

a sexy mermaid to sing open your beer.

a spotted suit to catch some sunwaves in.

perfect for a mini get away. or to pack up your memories.

vintage inspired anchorkerchiefs for pocketing.

under water stitchery.

people & water, dangerous/beautiful.

salty piano keys (& other aquatic ambush) prints

roadside projects giveaway!

knit-your-own crustaceans

sharks on a plane ?!

{snapshots from the toy museum in sintra}

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