Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sweet relief

phew! despite many postal service issues over the past few months (for instance: something mailed in september arriving in november) the little swapletted package i sent actually arrived in nyc! fantastical! thanks amanda for stitching a bunch of us together through paper & handmades & postal services (such good things to combine). and thanks again to elissa for the lovelies.

(p.s. despite so much ironing, i couldn't get rid of those silly embroidery hoop lines. how does one make these disappear?!)


  1. aaaaah! i love it so much!

    And I totally didn't know about the mailing thing either till I moved here - it's so weird to address postcards c/o "James P. Young Dental Associates" and "Lerner Carpet Emporium." Kind of poetic, though.

    I once lived above (and had mail addressed to) the Virginia Equestrian and Steeplechase Society, which was quite exciting. :)

  2. that is fantastic. we have a teeny mailslot through which nothing fits--so usually, when something is "delivered" it actually means getting a bright red slip, waiting the required 48 hours, then picking it up from the post office. nothing so poetic as virginia equestrians!

  3. that's just gorgeous! did you try extra steam?

  4. That is so pretty! Also, the most perfect 'S'that I've seen in a long time. You're a lovely, lovely swapper/swappee.

  5. So, so gorgeous. I'm highly impressed with your 'broidery skillz.


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