Friday, February 19, 2010

cheeky underground announcements

these made my morning. rock on for transport humor! (i wish some people would heed the makeup advice--eyelash curlers on the tube make me nervous).

{via tubediary}


  1. The other day, I was teaching my students THe Great Gatsby and trying to explain the phrase "he sprang from his platonic conception of himself." I got the students to imagine what they'd be like if they were still them, but a perfect version of themselves. As I was thinking about my perfect version of me, all I could think was how much like you that would be!
    This isn't supposed to sound creepy - just thought you might like to know - I wish I was more like you!

  2. this is such a sugar-glider of a comment--thanks so much secret person, wrapped in your anonymous coat of compliments. this made my whole week!

  3. well, I second the complement but I'm sure I don't have the words to express it so eloquently. your blog is something that I look forward to every time I open up my google reader.

    I'm thinking we need more signs like that here. and the first time you rip out your eyelashes with one of those things should serve as a warning (although I'm certain there are stupid enough women out there that like an old dog, can't be taught new tricks).


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