Saturday, February 13, 2010

oh valentine: a shake of hearts & feathers

the truth about abstaining from opening my valentine-ing--it wasn't about waiting until the holiday so much as attempting to save it as a prize for the end of my deadlines. no such luck. coming home from a long day, i needed the kick-ass feeling of ripping into that perfect brown paper. & inside my box of light? a shake of hearts & feathers! there was a wondrous hand-painted bird-valentine in the shades of spring-fevers. inside of this sweetness, a nod to my new embroidering endeavors. there was a honey-ing bee-hived candle & delicious smelling soap (both of which Z & i used immediately). there was the perfect zing of red eye-letted trim, for which there will be future lovelinesses. there were paper hearts covered in secretive diagrams & languages & a glass heart for hanging out in the sun. there was the bright feathers of a bird nesting amidst confetti (which is now nesting on my desk). and oh! last but not least, there was the perfect poetry-notebook (so difficult to find): pocketable, unlined, & constructed from a postal package receipt from March 24, 1915! how could my swaplet know so well?! it's so exactly-what-i-needed it will hurt to fill up its pages too fast. sigh. (though my valentiner was quite secretive, i now know it was the wondrous elissa! thanks for the perfect heart-filled mail! i was a lucky swaplet).

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  1. I'm please that you're pleased (and also that the notorious Australia Post actually got the package out of the country on time).


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