Tuesday, February 9, 2010

artifacts under glass

one of the first pieces of real, what i call grown-up, furniture that Z & i purchased as a couple was a tsotchke cabinet to hold our little oddities. we made this decision because my old apartment had started to look like an antique shop with its small vintages on every surface. & with Z being a collector of curiousness as well, the combination was sure to be a mess. the cabinet, which is part of a set including a dining room table & four chairs, was very much a happy lifetime purchase (& we got a killer deal because we were antique mall regulars). but i admit--sometimes i'm sad that it makes for less of an out-in-the-open display. i think these bell jars would be a rocktastic solution. i love the idea of artifacts under glass, of curating mini-collections from our cabinet & rotating new stuff in & out every once in a while. and the confined space would keep anything from straggling too far! perfect for displaying on a desktop or a mantle, or even as centerpieces.

{image via here}

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