Friday, February 5, 2010

wondrous outcasts!

jeunet's new film looks phenomenal & old-school. Z & i plan to get advance tickets to the local cinema (which has couches & wine) to see it opening night! micmacs à tire-larigot, like city of lost children & delicatessen, promises a mix of political allegory & indelibly wacky characters with an extreme depth of love & compassion. the story is set against another bleakscape/city which turns out to be beautiful-haunting. the details in this trailer alone are dream-worthy--jeunet has a knack for wondrous outcasts, inventions, & arcs.
micmacs is sure to be another classic.

(i don't dig the english over-dub for the international trailer as much as the original french, but i couldn't find a version in french with subtitles. but do go check out the international trailer here so you can get the story-line. and let's hope the UK release is subtitled instead of dubbed!)

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