Tuesday, February 16, 2010

vintage film reels

while putting together some words for a wedding-graduate post, Z & i've been thinking about small details which made having a completely diy day work. here's one of them. since our wedding was silent-film/1920s themed (as a result of ithaca's history & the venue's significance) we tried to add in bits of old-timey decor where we could. there were thrifted cameras, a delineascope, a few film projectors, player-piano reels, vintage suitcases & apple crates (most of which we owned or our friends lent us). but one of the most useful pieces at the wedding were a set of old metal film reels we scored on ebay. we used these as a way to display different wines in giant ice buckets--the slots ensured various kinds were rotating in & out as new bottles were added & kept the wine from tipping over once opened. i would highly recommend, even for a non-film themed wedding. and, post-party they make a great wine-rack. in the end, a few small details like these kept our bartender-less bar running smoothly.

(on a funny public park wedding note: when a random teenager snuck in & grabbed a few bottles of wine, Z's brother ran after him in a fit of heroic-ness. though the wine wasn't recovered there were no more scavengers. plus it was hilarious. be forewarned. there will be crashers).

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