Friday, February 12, 2010

home is whenever i'm with you

this week has been hard. dark. busy. the city swallowing me a little in its bustle & dust. in its mad-dash in post offices. its water bills & broken heaters (again). let's face it: deadlines are heavy-making. stress-filled. craze-inducing. i'm more than glad that this week of balled-up nerves is over (even if deadlines aren't over yet). tomorrow there will be photography exhibits. snowless cities. umbrellas & soup. & sunday there will be flowers. but in the meantime, on this drizzling, car-whooshing friday, i am glad for all this wildness. the struggle to make it across the waves, away from all things safe & expected. i am glad for the poetics of being here. and Z: home is whenever i'm with you.


  1. this song was stuck in my head last night! sometimes the sound of cars whooshing in the rain makes me more depressed than anything else. sigh. i loved reading this.

  2. I've had a busy, lucrative week in this snowless city. And I'm up at 6:00 on this springlike january day to 'set the stage' in our old hood. Want to know more? Well, maybe tomorrow on V-day, we can look at each other face to face and send our love across the ocean. Later in the day as the sun sets here in Canada's ocean playground. Ciao and
    Rave Re:views to your online embroidery


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