Wednesday, February 3, 2010

absolute vintage in the city

just before paris, i finally bit the weather-bullet & realized i had to find a pair of boots to wear with skinny jeans (i had taken to just wearing dresses once it was too cold for sneakers or my brogues). on the way to bricklane to scout out a few stores (such as rockit, where i got my fabulous high-wasited men's pants for the 30s party) we happened to walk by absolute vintage. shizam. it's a must go if you are in london: floor to ceiling vintage--incredible bags & shoes & beautiful dresses galore. it's listed as one of the top 100 must-visit stores in the world. and, apparently, some pretty fancy celebrities shop there (we didn't see any, but we did catch some ridiculous paparazzi shots around the corner). the sheer selection makes the close-quarters & mirror-hogging ladies worth it. i left with the perfect pair of inexpensive heeled black leather boots. i admit, it's oh so dangerous for me to live in a city where you can just happen upon vintage stores.

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