Thursday, January 28, 2010


lou lou & oscar's shrunken bunting + embroidery = awesome. i dig the stark colors & the striped ribbon. if you're the crafter type, this would be a rocking way to spruce up a flat without banging holes into the walls, or as chair-markers for the marrying couple at a wedding. but for the record--embroidery is NOT for the fainthearted! as my wedding gift/surprise to Z, i attempted to hand-embroider a few lines of a matthea harvey poem about strange marriages onto a round pocket-square. and damn. the hand part lasted about eight grueling hours before i realized that i was too wobbly a stitcher for something involving more than one line. i did end up getting it done (!) due to my friend J's staggering skills & her super modern sewing-machine. shizam. if you haven't already, go check out some of the other kicking goods at baker's dozen.

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