Thursday, January 21, 2010

six-months, petits bateaux (day two, part ii)

for our wedding ceremony, Z & i created a version of an old tradition--we put a bottle of wine, two glasses, & a set of love letters (written in secret & unshared) into a wooden crate and then sealed it with nails (each nail was hammered by a family member to show their commitment to supporting our marriage & then finally by us). the crate is meant as an act of reassurance, a romantic gesture--if ever our relationship is in peril, we are to open the crate, drink the wine, & read the letters before we make any decisions about our future. so yesterday, in the late-afternoon at a cafe, across french-onion soup & sharp buttery chevre, Z & i decided to pen a second set of letters to each other & send them off into the depths of the seine. these letters, about our here & now & our future moments, are another type of commitment--to keep adventuring together, to keep growing, and to live & live & live. we spent an hour or so writing them out and copied a second set (to tuck into our crate in the states). then we folded them into origami boats, walked to the end of ile de la cite, & sent them off into the water's darks. despite water-proofing crayon wax, the choppy waves dragged our little vessels over pretty quickly--but they still floated off. and now our words, our missives, are dissolved into the waters of paris.


  1. What a beautiful idea. I actually don't want to leave a comment to ruin the beauty of that post. But I also wanted to say it. So the comment remains.

  2. wow this is so beautiful ! i love traditions like that.
    every couple should do that.
    i would love to share this idea on my blog, if you don't mind.


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