Saturday, January 9, 2010

the last iceberg

these photos are part of an incredible series by camille seaman, the last iceberg, which came out a few years ago. while at a bookstore this week, i stumbled upon an elizabeth bishop poem that reminded me of their starkness, their strange ache. so, in the shiver and snow of the city tonight, it feels like the perfect moment to share a bit of both artists' renditions of this frozen drifting.

first stanza from bishop's The Imaginary Iceberg:

We'd rather have the iceberg than the ship,
although it meant the end of travel.
Although it stood stock-still like cloudy rock
and all the sea were moving marble.
We'd rather have the iceberg than the ship;
we'd rather own this breathing plain of snow
though the ship's sails were laid upon the sea
as the snow lies undissolved upon the water.
O solemn, floating field,
are you aware an iceberg takes repose
with you, and when it wakes may pasture on your snows?

(read the rest of the poem by clicking on the title)

happy weekend everyone! i hope you are all knitted-in and keeping warm.

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