Tuesday, January 12, 2010

stitching in sweetness

next week Z & i are off to paris for another adventure. last time we picnicked on ile de la cite, cracked creme brulee at the cafe from amelie, kissed small cars, shot polaroids, took a boat ride in the moonlight, braved vintage stores without dressing rooms, and celebrated the beginning of our marriage. next week is a work trip, but it's also our six-month anniversary--so we are stitching some exploration & sweetness into the itinerary. our current brainstorms: head to the museums we missed last trip (we have gifted tickets from the wedding), visit a famous set of curiosity cabinets (which were closed), eat-sleep-breathe macarons, drink wine in cafes while people-watching, find a real-film photobooth, write new poems, see more of the ginormous flea markets, eat flaming crepes, photograph the city with our diana camera, and work our asses off. also, for some weird reason, i'm intent on finding a set of vintage glass pulls--i love the idea of having something small from paris that we will keep until the time is right to use them, a future gift to ourselves. if anyone has suggestions of things to do/see/eat please share!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I am very jealous. Enjoy some creme brulee and macarons for me!


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